The company specializes in complex arrangement of Industrial insulation deliveries and installments in various fields of industry. Accompanied offered services are insulation engineering, insulation design processing, prefabrication, delivery and installment of insulation and cladding, site magagement and coordination, quality control, energetic surveys, deliveries and installments of heat tracing, warranty and after-warranty services.


Engineering and Insulation design

Based on entry data and customer requirements type of insulation material is proposed, thicknesses optimized, suitable covering material and thickness chosen.

Slovak and International valid standards and norms (DIN 4140, AGI, VDI, CINI) being followed for design processing, together with combination of specific customer requirements – Design cut to fit.

Bill of quantities for all used materials – part of design.

Technical execution detail drawings processing for every insulated equipment – based on customer request.

Insulation and cladding holding structures designs – Standard and special solutions.

Statical calculations and complete statical designs for insulation and cladding.

Insulation and other material delivery

  • Latest insulation material available on the market
  • Mineral wool and Glassfibre wool insulation (Mats, Lamella mats, Insulation boards, Pipe sections, foam glass, etc.)
  • Ceramic fibre insulation – hot surfaces applications (Boards, Mats, freewool, etc.)
  • Foam insulation (Hoses, Self-adhesive hoses, Self-adhesive plates, boards, etc.)
  • Fabric insulations – high endurance fabrics for high temperatures, cut-to-fit insulations matresses
  • Noise protection and anti-vibration isnulations (Bitumen foils, damping and absorbing sheets)


  • Flat sheets
  • Corrugated sheets
  • Painted sheets
  • Perforated sheets
  • Steel, Aluminum, Galvanized, Aluzinc, Copper, Titane-zinc, etc.
  • Different steel alloys and different hardness according the customer requirement

Other material

  • Mettalurgical material – holding structure
  • Fastening material – screws, rivets, Clips, etc.
  • Sealants


Prefabrication / Installment

  • Insulation placement with high attention to material functionality – tight seams, staccato application in case of multi-layer insulation, cleand and dry surface before installment.
  • International standards guidelines following for fixation of insulation (amount of fixing points per sq. Meter)
  • Holding structure for insulation and cladding installment (welding and tightening)
  • Highly effective process of prefabrication, delivery and installment of cladding
  1. On-site measuring and drawing / isometric.
  2. Prefabrication in fully equipped central workshop
  3. Prefabricated cladding transport on site
  4. Cladding installment according the drawings
  • Profesional and precise cutting of cladding pieces, thanks to the modern machinery – MABI, Switzerland
  • Separate prefabrication and delivery of cladding pieces on request
  • Holding structure prefabrication – rails and consoles for flat surfaces, rings for cylindrical equipment and pipings. Dimensioning and type of holding structure according valid standards.


Site management and coordination

  • Educated and experienced staf for site management and coordination
  • Complete site establishment according the requirements and given site conditions
  • High communication skills and foreign languages communication (English, German)

Quality control

  • System of quality control implemented – Field quality control plan.

Energetic surveys / Thermographic measuring 

  • Pre-insulation surface temperature analysis – in case of existing and running technologies
  • After-installment temperature analysis of insulated and sheet-covered surfaces – independent analysis
  • Thermographic measuring documentation proceeding with possible suggestions of available technical solutions in case of critical values found.

Electrical heat tracing

  • Electrical heat tracing design
  • Self-regulating cables against freezing, high temperature endurable cables and applications fot high temperatures and with high thermal power
  • Installment on all kinds of technological epuipments and equipment parts
  • Accompanied documentation proceeding

Warranty and after-warranty services / maintenance

  • Insulation and cladding maintenance according customer warranty period request.
  • Periodical removal and re-installment for spare parts exchanges or equipment inspectons.
  • Insulation function check, check of tightness and quality of cladding
  • Worn-down/damaged parts of insulaton or cladding exchange

Complete insulation and cladding maintenance after warranty according customer request.


Heat insulation:

  • Technological units
  • Boilers and boiler equipments
  • Filtration equipments
  • Vessels and Tanks
  • Reactors
  • Conveying systems
  • Fans
  • Heat exchangers


  • Raw gas ducts and pipings
  • Water and steam lines
  • Chemical media pipelines
  • Other pipelines
  • AC pipelines and ducts

Cooling insulation:

  • Vessels
  • Pipings
  • Cooling and Airconditioning lines
  • Condensate prevention

Fire protection insulations:

  • Wall transfers
  • Fire protection coatings
  • Fire protection Airconditioning ducts and lines insulation systems

Electrical tracing:

  • Pipings
  • Vessels and equipments
  • Conveying systems
  • All surfaces according request

Tinnsmith works:

  • Roofing systems
  •  Metal sheets, soft coverings
  •  Sills
  •  Attics
  •  Gutter systems
  •  Snow protections
  • Steel sctructures and buildings cladding systems


In ouf field of activities, work safety is part of everyday life. We achieve success of projects and that way also the customer satisfaction not only with high quality execution but also with strict compliance with safety rules on site as well as in the workshop.

  • Periodical work safety, work in heights and fire protection trainings
  • Worktools, safety and protection equipments periodical checks