Schweißer bei der Arbeit


We have established our industrial division to work as a partner to supply skilled professionals in the industrial area by providing our clients with qualified scaffold team, insulation fitters, industrial painters, pipe fitters, welders, electricians, technical managers and other specialists.

We have a large network of cooperators and subcontractors, trusted companies specializing in a variety types of works. It allows us to balance our responsibilities in an efficient way and in accordance with the works schedule. We prepare the initial assessment and cost estimate individually, based on the range of works indicated by the investor.

Our latest establishment and development is in the Industrial Insulation area where together with our Slovakian and Dutch-Romanian partner we provide skilled manpower for insulation and welding works on various projects within oil & gas and energy industry. We can execute any large or small scale project within Petrochemical or chemical, power generation, pulp and paper  and shipbuilding industry.

BMI Industrial is committed to quality throughout all its activities. Continuous improvement and customer satisfaction are key themes in our quality management process. Quality is the responsibility of each and everyone within our company, whilst doing things right from the beginning is a result of the attitude and competence of each and every employee. In order to safeguard long-term customer relations, we place emphasis on the continuous improvement of products, services and working methods. It’s our aim to meet or exceed our customers’ requirements for all products and services that we provide.

We employee professional and skilled workforce:

  • Electricians
  • Mechanical assembly fitter
  • Piping fitter
  • Welding ( SS, 141/111, 135/136, 311, BW6, BW8, RVS)
  • Scaffolding ( modular, brackets, mobile, utillity, suspended)
  • Insulation fitter and workshop workers

We are flexible to discuss your needs and expectations.